the well-th report
Planning for Purpose
Hello and welcome to the fall edition of The Well-th Report, a digital publication to help you on your journey with your advisor toward “well-th” rebalanced.
In this issue, you’ll find articles with an overarching theme of planning with renewed determination for a more meaningful future — one inspired by the pandemic’s stark reminder that life is short and that the purpose behind money matters.
In the pages that follow, you’ll find an article featuring two entrepreneurs who have thrived during the pandemic and their words of wisdom for purpose-led business success. You’ll also find advice for relocating to a new state — a new post-pandemic possibility and priority for many — and insights around planning for early retirement.
We hope these articles prove useful to you as you continue to evolve your financial plan to align with your vision for the future. Please reach out to your advisor for further discussion on any of these topics or with feedback on this magazine.
We hope you enjoy this issue.
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