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More About That Silver Lining
One may question if there really can be a silver lining in a global pandemic. In some respects, no. Every one of our lives was impacted during the height of the pandemic, and still is most likely seeing effects today. However, as the number of vaccinated individuals ticks up and we begin to see a light at the end of this enduring tunnel, we wanted to cover some of the brighter stats that came out of this incredibly tough time in modern history. We hope these points can give you hope and excitement for the future.
Global carbon dioxide emissions fell by 6.4%
or 2.3 billion tons
in 2020.
Many animals embraced the emptiness of their homes
Hospitalization rate for the 2020-21 flu season was
just 0.7 per 100,000 people,
the lowest it’s been since the CDC began collecting such data in 2005.
Along with noting one negative change in their lives due to the pandemic, two-thirds of Americans also mentioned two positive changes.
+ Stronger bonds among close friends and family
+ Slower pace of life, which made room for new hobbies and general freedom to simply relax in ways not possible pre-pandemic
The majority of Americans agree seeking mental health services is a true sign of strength as opposed to a weakness.
of those surveyed by Verywell openly share that they see a therapist
agree that society would be better off if more people sought out mental health services
of people currently in online therapy agree that more people should try it