the well-th report
Hello and Welcome
to the third issue of Hightower Advisors' The Well-th Report, a quarterly digital publication where we dive into topics across the spectrum of “well-th.”
In this issue, you’ll find numerous articles with an overarching theme of post-pandemic living. Our world has changed immensely, so we’re covering topics related to moving forward, while also not forgetting the hardships of the past 18 months. As you flip through, you’ll find our regular column with Stephanie Link as she covers the investment landscape, as well as articles on how our collective mental health is faring in a late-pandemic world, silver linings of the pandemic, tips you can share with your loved ones to stay safe on social media, and how environmental justice intersects with investing.
As always, we encourage feedback, so after you’ve read this issue, feel free to reach out to your advisor.
We hope you enjoy this issue of The Well-th Report!