Abby Salameh
chief marketing officer
from the c-suite
Welcome to the new Hightower quarterly publication, The Well-th Report.
One year ago, we embarked on a brand journey to uncover what the Hightower brand meant to its core stakeholders: our employees, our financial advisors and their staff members, the clients we serve and our strategic partners. We interviewed all of these constituents in a quest to find out what makes us special. What we quickly recognized from the analysis is that wealth means more than just investments.  Wealth means different things to different people. The definition of wealth is as individual as the advisors that are part of our community, and the clients that we serve. We each have our own story to tell and the next chapter to write.  The research revealed that wealth is more about well-being. Wealth is more holistic and all-encompassing. It includes family, friends, travel, health, lifestyle and so much more. Being well-thy is a state of mind. Our goal at Hightower is to help you achieve your personal definition of well-th and help you write your story. To celebrate our community and our commitment to delivering well-th, we wanted to highlight key members of Hightower. Each quarter, The Well-th Report will showcase and spotlight members of the Hightower family in different areas of well-being. We invite you to enjoy this inaugural publication and rejoice along with us.
To health, wealth, and happiness!
“Well-th is the acknowledgment that financial well-being should place
equal parts of importance on both emotional and monetary well-being.
It's the promotion of the idea that to really achieve wealth you must have financial support that addresses your full financial picture and makes you feel well.”

Leah Jones
Director of Financial Planning at Hightower Bethesda
“Well-th to me is achieving a level of security to live life confidently and to be
able to share my "well-th" with others

morgan buswell
Communications Director at Sarian Strategic Partners
“Wealth (“well-th”) entails the ability to focus less on how others may perceive or think about you, and considerably more on how to best utilize your time. 
Wealth allows you the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you choose to do so.
  As result, the well-being of you and your loved ones is vastly enhanced and improved.”
patrick fruzzetti
Managing Director and Senior Research Analyst at The Rosenau Group – Hightower

“One of our healthcare c-suite clients once told us we don’t have a healthcare system in the US — we have a sick care system. The system is mostly reactionary for when you get sick or injured. The ultimate goal of most people is to be healthy and not have to interact with the sick care system. “Well-th“ to me is the financial corollary in which advisors can help families and individuals
adopt proactive financial behaviors that lead to healthy financial outcomes and successful work/life/finance balance obtainment.

drew nordlicht
Managing Director at Crest Capital Advisors | A Hightower Company

the well-th report